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Boracay in 2020

Early on the morning of December 24, 2019, typhoon Ursula wrecked havoc upon Boracay while the island residents where preparing for their Christmas day celebrations.

The MASA Ati School, which is within the Red Cross Boracay-Malay Chapter’s area of responsibility, was heavily battered by the typhoon and saw seven classrooms severely damaged. In order to continue their classes, the pupils had to share the Multipurpose Hall among themselves. MASA Ati School provides basic quality education to indigenous children in Brgy. Cubay and nearby villages.

On January 16, the Red Cross Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers visited the area to deliver sacks of rice and canned goods. Upon assessing the school’s situation, it was decided to help the school in it’s much needed recovery process. During the Board Meeting on January 20, it was proposed that 100% of the Pula Bear Sales (P199/bear) should be donated to MASA Ati school.

This shall be dubbed as Rebuild The MASA Ati School Project.

Efforts have been poured into campaigning for individuals and businesses to Adopt the PULA BEAR, in fact during the Million Volunteer Run 5 last February 13, a special package where the Bear is included was created.

Nonie’s Restaurant, a consistent partner of the local Chapter in its youth programs, also held a special event on Valentines Day which also happens to be their 3rd Anniversary to support the rebuild project.

The Rotary Club, along with private individuals have also given generously towards this cause.

The Philippine Red Cross Boracay-Chapter is grateful to everyone who became part of this campaign. A total of P75, 959 was turned over to MASA Ati School on May 19,2020 at a ceremony attended by Staff, Board of Directors, Donors and representatives of the School.



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