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Art on the Beach: On-the-spot paintings of Boracay’s attraction gaining ground

By Jun N. Aguirre

Photographers from all over the world fall in love with Boracay’s Instagrammable attractions and unmatched beauty, time and again. Painters have also been known to be captivated, with many artists choosing to stay and devote their craft to capturing the island’s splendor.

This is when Eric Egualada comes into the picture. Egualada is a practicing visual artist and art educator from Angono, Rizal. He rendered his services at the Angono School for the Arts and at De La Salle University in Laguna. He also conducted seven solo exhibits, in Makati and Laguna. He decided to move from Laguna to Boracay to continue his mission to spread the good news through art. “I spent a decade in Laguna practicing and teaching Art at different schools and communities. Boracay, I believe is the place where God brought me since nature is always my source of inspiration. True enough, Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel hired me as their Resident Artist, and now I’m teaching at the Boracay European International School as well,” he tells us. For the past eight months he conducted demonstrations and on the spot paintings, including a several series of workshops for the Philippine Red Cross-Boracay. He was also invited to judge various art poster-making contests. He is also currently an active member of the Island Artists Boracay (IAB) that has foreign and local Boracay resident artist members and officers. Last October, they had launched their first Pin-Ta (Pinagsamang Talento) exhibit at Hue Hotel Boracay. “The IAB are planning to move forward with a series of art exhibits, competitions, workshops, and wall mural paintings. Our aim is for environmental stewardship and protection with art is an outstanding platform for public awareness and appreciation,” he said. Egualada’s quest is also being supported by Elena Brugger, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Boracay, and by Filipino celebrity Ethel Booba. He envisions that with the increasing number of passionate people engaged in painting to promote Boracay, for sure a time will come that a group of painters will also be invited to document future weddings.


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