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Boracay's ESG Presentation Summary as of October 28, 2019

Jason on Monday 28th of October 2019 made his much promised presentation to ESG (Extraterrestrial Study Group) of Boracay, under the temporary chairmanship of Gary Jahrig, related to “Disappearances and Encounters of the Third Kind“. The presentation lasted over two hours and solicited lots of questions. The main events covered: The lost Flight 19 in the Bermuda Triangle, lost flights in Alaska and Australia, and the most recent loss of Malaysian Airline’s Flight MH 370. Jason then covered in detail the many, many people (adults and kids) who have vanished. Yes, just vanished in the U.S National Parks system. The statistics presented were startling and somewhat scary.

So what’s going on! Jason then wrapped up his presentation on person’s who have claimed to have been kidnapped by Aliens and gone through the terrifying experience of being elaborately examined both physically and psychologically by humanoid looking aliens. With some also claiming to have been subjected to alien placed implants. Why was the question? The discussion that followed just exposed further these highly unusual – and frightening ordeals and to many unknown questions why mankind is being placed in such unusual circumstances.

Outstanding questions: Over the years did the international authorities tell us the truth? Or was there continuous “Cover-Ups“, or finally is the U.S. Government introducing bit by bit – the real stories in a campaign to ready us for the truth.

The next meeting of this odd group in continuing their strange discussions will be announced shortly. Contact if interested: Jason at:


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