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Boracay Veterinarian Mission

We are very happy to announce that Boracay will host a Veterinary Medical Mission on April 12th til 17th, 2021. This medical mission is organized by local animal lovers, two visiting tourist veterinarians from Manila and supported by our Malay Office of Municipal Agriculture and our Malay Local Government.

The mission will be held for 2 days per Brgy starting in Brgy Manoc-Manoc April 12 and 13th, followed by Brgy Balabag April 14th and 15th and last Brgy Yapak April 16th and 17th. The aim is to give free anti-rabies vaccines, and neuter and spay dogs and cats on the island for free. As this have been approved by our Malay Local Government and Office of Municipal, we now reach out to you- our island community.

Its great to know that according to our Veterinarian II of Agriculture’s Office, Boracay Island has been Rabies free since 2013, and we hope that we can maintain it as such. As the Covid pandemic has affected the livelihood of so many, we can also see that with that, we have had an enormous rise in stray cats and dogs on the island. Especially the cat population seems to be growing at very fast rate. Therefore, we have created this Veterinary Medical Mission, in a hope to have less stray animals on the island. The mission is reaching out to our islanders about the humanity towards the animals that we share our island with. Boracay being the number one tourist destination of the country, is now being visited by tourists from all over the Philippines, and many of them comment on the stray dogs and cats roaming around the island, resulting in negative feedback and reviews. Another fact to consider is that a population of too many cats can result in the extinction of native populations in the surrounding environment.

We are reaching out to all of you, residents and business holders on the island, to ask for help in making this mission possible. We will need sponsorship for rooms for the veterinarians to stay , food for them to eat, transportation to and from events, and financial support for the medical supply and materials used. Please see list of areas, or items we need support for, and if interested, kindly email us where you would like to sponsor or how you can help, and include your name, contact details and company logo so we can include them in our marketing of the mission.

Our email address for the mission: Phone number: 09615844316

We hope this mission can be a great success and hope you’re with us in helping the animals of the island. We look forward to have you on the team.

Respectfully yours, JULIA LERVIK Boracay Island resident since 1990 Email 09173280540 Diniview villa resort, Brgy Balabag

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