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Code Blue Boracay Project

The REEFBUD Project in Boracay Philippines named “CODE BLUE – Boracay” involved the deployment of 5000 artificial reef structures in marine dead areas of world-famous Boracay Island in the Philippines in Feb to June 2012.

What Are Reefbuds?

Coral Reef

REEFBUDS are artificial coral reefs made of environmentaly friendly all natural organic and inorganic materials, forming a biomass that is mixed with ordinary sand and cement to form a rough hollow pyramid structure with the following features and benefits.

1.POROSITY –Like solid sponges they absorb sea water (up to 30% of its weight) together with all the marine life suspended in it i.e. spores, plankton, algae etc. Organic nutrients allow fast incubation and growth.

2.CALCIFICATION –Containing Calcium Carbonate, REEFBUDS spur he growth of corals and anything in the ocean with hard shells, e.g, crabs lobsters, etc.

3. VARIETY OF GROWTH – Not only corals, but other Marine life such as algae, fish, sea anemones, squid, sea squirts, sponges, etc. can be found plentiful on REEFBUDS in as little as 4 weeks after being dropped in a marine dead area (with only sand and/or rock). The REEFBUD acts like an oasis of sorts under the sea

4. HIGH CORAL SURVIVABILITY- Scientific studies show over 600% greater survivability of coral spawn in REEFBUDS compared to concrete objects, sand, rocks and coral rubble (dead corals).

Detailed technical information can be found in any of the following patent documents:   USA No. 9832979, Philippines No. 1-2012-00196, Australia No. 2013287151


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