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Discrimination and Racism Alert

By Pauline Evora

The fear of Coronavirus is everywhere.

It is justified to be worried about the incoming flights from China or the influx of people who came during the Chinese New Year. It is even more understandable to be concerned about the government action to protect the citizens of all countries, affected or not, from the entry of tourists coming from the outbreak areas. But along with the virus, strong racism is spreading as fast as fake news on social media. Online racism is hidden behind excessive fear, jokes, and memes. Racism in real life against Chinese (and Asians in general) being treated as persona non grata all over the Philippines and the world.

While people suffer, others take advantage of the opportunity to unleash their hatred rather than research facts. As much as Chinese tourists have become a controversial topic in this climate, let’s not forget that they are not all the same. Many are friends, classmates and great guests on Boracay. None wanted this virus, and none want to die or see others die. Let’s act as the loving community that we are, often putting our best foot forward and let’s not generalize things. One day, it could bite us back.

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