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Here’s How To Breeze Through The Holiday Season With A Smile

By Pauline Evora

Boracay residents know how to enjoy and have fun, no matter what!

Between Christmas and New Year’s, the holiday rush can easily get in the way of the fun, if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by all the events and invitations. Here are a few tips on how to get ahead of the season and to sail smoothly through the holiday season on Boracay.

Start preparing gifts ahead.

We’ve all had our moments when Christmas is right around the corner and we find ourselves frantically hurrying to find gifts for family, friends, and godchildren. I grew tired of this last-minute rush and started collecting gifts on trips and vacations, ones that I could give when Christmas comes along. Gone are the days when I would run around the island with a list of names on it!

Rank your weekly events.

Each splendid day on Boracay presents a good reason to go out! And December gets even busier than the rest of the year, then add the many Christmas parties to the usual birthdays and weekly nights out. Focus on the ones you really cannot or do not want to miss, so you do not wear yourself out too fast. You know that in the end, you will mostly see the same people at each event anyway. We live in a small community after all.

Cannot skip an event?

It will happen often that you cannot refuse an event. Either it is important for your work or for the person inviting you that you are present. What to do to compromise between being polite and taking care of your health at this busy time? You could arrive early and excuse yourself after dinner. You will have time to enjoy a quality moment before people start partying. Prepare yourself already by deciding a time to go home and stick to it.

Watch your alcohol intake.

Being hungover day after day will bring your productivity down. One solution is to work on limiting your alcohol intake on certain nights. But when you are in an event or at a bar, you may feel obliged to have drinks with everyone else. You can have a glass of water between each drink or order virgin cocktails to play the trick. My personal rule is to always decline shots. And on the nights I want to skip drinking but still wish to hang out with friends, I take soda water with lemon so it looks like a gin & tonic. No one ever ask questions then!

Think about your meals ahead.

Is there going to be a Lechon and loads of delicious and heavy feasting tonight? Rethink your lunch! Do not go for the Crispy Pata a few hours before a Christmas party. It does not have to only be a salad but definitely add greens, lean meat or fish to the mix. Forget about the pancakes or fries for merienda (Filipino for a snack) and choose nuts or fresh juice instead. And if you are preparing a holiday feast at home, make sure you are shopping in advance as supplies run low.

Increase your water intake!

Start your day with a tall glass of water and keep a refillable bottle with you all throughout the day so you can take a sip regularly. Alcohol being a diuretic, causes dehydration. Staying hydrated will help you with tiredness and headaches. Never wait until you are very thirsty to drink water. Some theories also suggest that taking vitamin B, including B12 would help with the hangover when taken before drinking or after waking up. This is not medically proven.

Good sleep is key.

Do you have a big night ahead? Take a nap if you can. Even if you are working all day, you can always squeeze a short nap right before going out. Fifteen to twenty minutes will be enough to have you all rested and ready to enjoy your night. After an all-nighter, or a few evenings out in a row, make sure you plan a proper eight-hour night to catch up on sleep. Do not forget that not enough sleep can harm your health in the short term (irritability and forgetfulness), and in the long term with more serious issues.

We wish you a great holiday season filled with laughter, festivities and love. See you in 2020!



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