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How To Mend A Broken Heart In Boracay

By Pauline Evora

Pauline Evora is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She leads weekly Sunday classes with New Boracay Yoga. Visit New Boracay Yoga on Facebook.

I am sure you have heard this saying: “Alcohol won’t solve your problems but neither will water or milk.”

Well, if you decide to indulge in a night (or five) of ugly drinking, take friends with you so they can make sure you will not drunk text! Imagine how embarrassing it would be when you wake up and realize that you have sent a dozen pathetic messages to the now-ex.

Let’s face it, Boracay is a small island and chances are that you will bump into the ex, sooner or later especially if you hang around the same crowd. Think about it and save your dignity!

Here are a few tips to save yourself from wanting to disappear off the face of the earth:

Saltwater is key: Tears, the sea and sweat!

Give yourself time to let go. Let go of your pain, your hurts, and your grief. Allow yourself to cleanse your mind with a good cry. Get under the sheets with a Netflix movie while you are at it. Then, go out and take some sunshine in. Walk to the beach. One step at a time. Find a nice and quiet spot and jump in the ocean, head first. Enjoy the silence down there. Quiet and calm.


Find peace within. You can meditate in the morning to set your intention for the day to come. And meditate in the evening to help calm your mind before sleeping. It can be a silent meditation. Or maybe you need mantra music to help your mind focus on sounds so your mind wanders less.

Sweat the hurt out.

Wake up in the morning and run or take a long walk. Invite your friends to work out with you. There are so many options you can choose from. Kitesurfing, Spartan training, boxing, yoga, Crossfit, jogging, swimming, windsurfing, diving. Adrenaline will increase your oxytocin level, the hormone of happiness. It will not only help you feel good about yourself, but it will also improve your sleep.

If you are heartbroken, journaling can also help. Write about your feelings, the bad days and the days when you seem to see the light at the end of the road.

I wish you a good recovery. And don't forget, it's not you, it’s them!


How to curb your low self-esteem

Have you ever heard about the Rice experiment?

A Japanese scientist put rice inside two containers. To one, he said kind words every single day, and to the other, he yelled insults and mean words. The rice in the first container stayed perfectly healthy but the rice in the other container started rotting.

What does this have to do with self-esteem, you ask? Everything!

Be kind to yourself. Stand in front of the mirror every morning and say affirmation words to yourself. Repeat them until you believe it and allow the words to radiate from within. Because yes, you are beautiful, strong, kind, unique, brave. You are worth it, and you can do anything. Start believing in yourself.



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