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Kasbar and Boracay Newcoast Music & Arts Fest

Following the infamous party tradition of LaBoracay was Kasbar and Boracay Newcoast Music & Arts Fest, which invoked exponential revelry on April 29th and May 1st, simultaneously celebrating Love Boracay 2022: Boracay Better Than Ever in Bulabog.

This grandiose event illuminated the northeastern tip of the island with spectacular fire and light shows, plus thrilling performances from the marquees of talented artists and DJs exhibiting their prowess on the massive stage.

Beginning on its first day, a succession of people hopped on the event’s transportation provisions from Love Boracay 2022’s main venue in Bulabog to Newcoast Boracay from 4pm until 2am. What greeted these Boracay lovers was a lavish setting of cozy bean bags, Tiffany dining sets and a delightful array of food stalls beautifully sprawled on the venue’s powdery white shore.

It was just at the start of Kasbar and Boracay Newcoast Music & Arts Fest that on-demand resident musician I-Dren Artstrong stirred up the mood with his sophisticated island tunes. Thus, as the sun set in the west, the climactic tribal beats of Island Rhythm Force broke through, rousing a high-vibing dance among the audience, followed by the electronic dance music of DJs Pep Mayor and Davide & Rex the Drummer.

Lighting up the darkened sky was the blazing performance of Rachel Lobangco with the Boracay Fire and Led Dancers, tuning into the reverberating percussion of the Island Rhythm Force.

Clearly, there was no way to slow down the night, especially with Jazze Manuel serenading the audience with her sauve Soul and RnB sounds. Hip Hop enthusiasts were also satiated by MSBHV’s engaging performance, while at the end, it was Ornusa Cadness’s electronic mixes that capped the night.

The last day of The Kasbar and Boracay Newcoast Music & Arts Fest aroused a different set yet similarly fun vibe for another batch of audience. Aptly complementing this relaxed Sunday mood was Irie Sunday, a group of talented artists that have already created a big following of avante garde musicians and artists in Manila.

Raising Irie Sunday’s cool and suave reggae, dub and rocksteady tunes were Red I, Norris King, Soulsteppa, Ras Taro, King Spade, T-Cash, and one of Boracay favorite DJs IAmTong from sundown til way past midnight.

The Kasbar and Boracay Newcoast Music & Arts Fest also proved to be a community event that allowed vendors to sell and showcase their products and services. Nourishments were supplied by Smoke Resto, Coffee Stroll, Back Beach Burger, Chan’s Singaporean Cuisine Boracay, Aplaya, Samantha’s Steamboat, Conton Express and Kasbar Moroccan Restaurant, while others were by Astroglide, Helios Spa and Epitome of Eve Robes.

There were also fun games and prizes awarded on both days with the contribution of participating vendors and sponsors, such as Emperador, Mar & Sol Ice Cream Shop, EatPlayHeal, Chan's Singaporean Cuisine Boracay, Astroglide, The Art Collective, DIY Moonshop, Helios Spa, Wanderskye Shop, Coffee Stroll and Mandala Spa.

Considering the intricacies in preparing and organizing this dynamic production and its wondrous setting, the Kasbar and Boracay Newcoast Music & Arts Fest unquestionably sets the par for the emergence of festivals that will inspire ingenuity, excellence, clean and unadulterated fun on Boracay Island.


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