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May Good Health Be With You

A Positive Attitude To Life

By Jason Probyn

Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full ? Is it better to be a pessimist or an optimist ? Clearly there are advantages and disadvantages to both. This short essay examines the arguments and reveals how science finds a positive outlook is more conducive to personal and professional fulfillment, friendship and happiness and most important to your health.

Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Be realistic, but never negative or defeatist

  • Bitterness, anger, jealousy and blame will drag you down – let go of them

  • De-stress. Negative thinking produces additional stress, which is a killer

  • Remind yourself that “ life is not what you want – life is what you get “ - you cannot control everything – thus accept that which is beyond your control and start thinking about positive alternatives

  • Try to see the upside of every situation

  • Accept you may not be right about everything. Be open-minded and considerate and cheerful in your dealings with others. It brings unexpected rewards and new avenues to explore

  • If you think positively you’ll feel better about yourself, and people will enjoy your company more, if you express your public and personal thoughts in a positive rather than a negative way. Remember no one likes a continuous grumbler

  • The mind-body connection suggests that a positive mind beneficially influences every one of your body functions - simply put, it improves your health

  • Smile. Smiling and enthusiasm are contagious. Remember the hit song of the 40’s - Smile and the Whole World smiles with You

  • Life is continuously presenting us with problems after problems, some predictable, some totally unforeseen. Avoid emotional involvement in problem solving. Remember its wiser when initially presented with a problem to take a step back and count to 10 (or in some cases to 100) instead of overreacting in an emotional negative manner. Try to view it in an abstract manner, delicately reviewing the possible solutions. There are times when it’s better to do nothing – just let the dust settle – then seek a positive solution. However 99 percent of all the problems have solutions via positive thinking followed by affirmative action

  • Positive thinking is the very basis for productive creativity

Remember generally your health benefits by

“Positive Thinking“

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