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The Dramatic Increase in Obesity Worldwide

By Jason of Nigi Nigi’s

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adult obesity is now a worldwide epidemic. Obesity is defined as having excessive fat which exceeds parameters considered to be optimal for your sex, age and body size. If present levels of adult obesity are maintained, it is believed that for the first time in two centuries, there will be a fall in life expectancy in both males and females, and a marked increase in diseases and disorders attributable or related to morbid obesity.

In the Philippines, the increase in obesity is clearly observable, simply observe, say in a city department store where the older and adult customers are of normal weight, but among children – 3 out of 10 are marginally overweight, and one of the children will unfortunately be grossly overweight (obese).

Given that obesity is harmful to the maintenance of good health, in that excessive deposits of white fat promote inflammation in the body and the extra weight which a person has to carry places stress on all systems of the body, particularly the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, the question needs to be raised as to why it is that populations are becoming obese, and what can be done to prevent it. Obesity threatens every aspect of our lives including personal health, fitness, hygiene, attractiveness, happiness and self-confidence, plus our relationships with friends, family and peers. Obesity is the blight of modern consumerism.

Complete answers will vary from person to person, but in every instance of obesity, regardless of so called “genetic predisposition“, it will be found that the calorie intake of the individual exceeds their energy requirements. Increasing numbers of people place reliance upon convenience and fast foods, which maybe high in calories, but low in essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. Such people may be prone to increased illnesses and lethargy. Also, a preference for alcohol, cordials and carbonated drinks, rather than for healthy natural fruit juices, milk or even water can lead to sugar imbalances, hyper arousal and type 2 diabetes.

Another factor which needs to be considered is the manner in which people today regard recreation and exercise. Having a sedentary lifestyle together with high calorie food sets up anyone for obesity, and the more overweight a person becomes, the less they feel inclined to change.

The reasons for this sudden worldwide increase in obesity is the mechanization of work, an upsurge of sedentary lifestyles, combined with poor eating habits due to overeating and/or the consumption of low nutritional convenience foods.

Just look in the mirror, don’t pretend, you should realize if you are overweight or not - you should realize the negative impact of continuously carrying those “extra few pounds“ around with you will have on the future of your health, lifestyle, relationships and eventually, your longevity.

Lifestyle Recommendations

Realize being obese, or even marginally overweight, is a major threat to vibrant health, lifestyle enjoyment and longevity. Changes, accompanied by long term resolve and commitment are needed in both dietary intake and levels of physical exercise.

However, do not trim off those extra pounds blindly. The objective should be to steadily, in a planned manner, reduce your weight so that the long-term results become a permanent feature of your new anti-aging enjoyable lifestyle. Therefore, you must devise sensible dietary and exercise reforms. As far as diet is concerned, the main aim is to consistently reduce your calorie intake while ensuring you continue to live a full vibrant life by consuming the full range of necessary nutrients. In parallel with this, construct a well thought-out incremental exercise program, incorporating the four main tenets of physical fitness: endurance via cardio; strength via weights; flexibility via stretching, plus coordination and balance via a variety of sporting activities. This dual approach, with clear long term objectives, will require dedication and determination. Yet within three to six months, you could convert excess body fat into lean muscle. The key word in such a regimen is “consistency“. Do not “yo-yo“ in and out of your diet-exercise plan. Tenacity will bring its rewards of a leaner, more vibrant “you“ who will not only feel better, but will also look a lot better. WOW!

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