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The Immaculate Deception

By Lilybeth Regus

At the present moment the media, governments globally, are paranoid with COVID-19.

We do not have a vaccine and it may be a long time before we get a vaccine, so what are we left with, prophylactic treatments and remedies.

I came across something interesting only yesterday and I believe we may have been misinformed by drug companies with their knowledge of basic treatments that may help prevent deaths from COVID-19.

President Trump has been taking zinc on a daily basis for some time, a tablet that costs about one cent. Pharmaceutical companies can make 1000 tablets for about US$1.00, but there is no money to be made by making and supplying cheap supplements.

Let us look at what zinc is and what does it do, plus further research on this simple supplement. In other words, there is no financial gain in manufacturing zinc tablets or vitamin D. There is lots of money to be made from expensive drugs, but not from basic essentials that may help lower resistance and prevent deaths in a pandemic.

Let’s look at some studies that have been carried out, obviously Trump’s medical advisors know something we don’t, so what is the evidence.

Low zinc levels at clinical admission associated with poor outcomes in COVID-19 (October 11) This is research is from a hospital in Barcelona, Spain, during the first wave.

“Zinc balances responses and also has a proven direct antiviral action against some viruses.”

What is being stated here is that there is evidence that zinc helps lower outcomes in the virus, the statement states and note the words proven direct antiviral action. The question is why has this not been investigated by major companies?

“Zinc deficiency is a common condition in the elderly and individuals with chronic disease.“

This study was carried out from March 15 to April 30 and it is a retrospective study of COVID-19 cases admitted and their past history. The study was done on 611 patients, zinc levels were taken on admission of the 611 patients. Here is where it gets interesting. The average age was 63 years old, 55 percent male 45 percent female. Total mortality was 87 patients (14 percent) during the study. They studied 249 of the original admissions and of the 249, 8 percent died. The question, why did they die and why did some survive?

Without going into blood levels that may confuse you, let us simplify the situation. Patients with very low levels of zinc died and those with a high level of zinc survived the COVID-19 virus. What we have is a correlation between low zinc levels and a high zinc level, however this trial is not conclusive, but highly suggestive of lowering infection rate. It is a very interesting study because zinc can be produced at a very low cost, this trial should be taken up by someone. The mass of the population need immune protection, one that is cheap.

The study continues, quote higher zinc level associated with lower maximum levels of interlukin-6 during the period of infection. What is interlukin-6, very simple, the higher the level of interlukin-6 the higher the inflammation, in lay language, the higher the levels of zinc the lower the infection, which is what we want. Good levels of zinc means a lower infection rate.

One further study is from Chennai, India COVID-19. Poor outcomes in patients with zinc deficiency (International Journal of Infectious Diseases, November 2020). This study just reinforces the facts revealed by the Spanish study and it would appear that the Indian doctors are using this therapeutically. The data from India and Spain have correlations that require further investigations.

My question is, why has this not been picked up globally, and let me assure you this paper will be buried in the waste paper baskets and archives of pharmacy companies. Why? - because there is no money to be made from selling over the counter supplements like zinc and vitamin D. Further studies are needed to assess the therapeutic value of this assertion.


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