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9th of April 2020: Day 18 of Boracay Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ)

By Amanda Virrey


BORACAY SUN NEWS’ “Life in Quarantine” Diaries offers a glimpse of what life on Boracay Island is like under the current Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) during the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Growing up, I’ve found solitude as my best friend, my source of creativity, as well as my saving grace in rough times. In those solitary moments, I was able to cultivate silence, in which depths of uncertainty and the unknown have roused my inner guidance, my intuition. It’s this intuition that has inspired me to trust in opportunities that are laid before me and to make the best decisions no matter how unconventional they may seem, from spontaneously moving to a magical white sand island to having a water birth for my daughter by the river, and more, as many as the moments that have filled my days in the mix of joy, despair, enlightenment and glory.

Now, as my 8 year-old daughter and I embrace this unique quarantine experience with the world in solitude and silence, we are moved to define simple and random things in our sphere as blessings and miracles, like our precious mother-and-child bonding, heartfelt exchanges of bounties between friends or genuine smiles from strangers, which we appreciate with fervent gratitude and active intentions that the rest of the world may open up and receive their unique blessings and miracles, as well.

And while we filter news and information that come to us through the internet, we are left to revel in the amazing possibilities amid this uncertain situation that we are in now, which is still a gift to nurture and to share with everyone on a vibrational level from the comforts of our home.


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