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A Single Man on Boracay

By Fab Freddy

“For me, personality goes a long way! But don’t get me wrong, a super attractive partner is also fun!”
“My message to the single guys out there living on Boracay, is to keep at your pace, goals and ventures, but still try to have yourself a fab time.”

Boracay Sun News asked one of our avid readers, an attractive eligible bachelor who is very much on the Boracay social scene to humor us on what it was like to be quite the “player” on one of the best islands in the world and we were surprised at what this swinging single man on Boracay had to say. Aside from excellent advice for other single guys living on an island as Boracay, he offers more than just juice. His confession is a sneak peek at what all you lucky single ladies wondered about what goes on in the mind of (harmless) “bad boys” like him. No wonder he asked us to swear on a stack of bibles to keep him anonymous!

YOU CAN CALL ME FAB FREDDY (obviously not my real name).

I'm 31-years-old and what keeps me busy during the day on the island is my day job, which is marketing-related, plus I also have a business with a friend which is our hobby too.

I've been single for at least a couple of years now and I've been living on Boracay Island on and off for over 10 years now. I wouldn't say I'm actively dating, but I wouldn't mind going out on a date if I find the person interesting, or if we just naturally vibe.

When it comes to “singleness,” I try not to prioritize looking for a partner, I usually just let it happen naturally. And when I do meet someone I’m attracted to or interested in (in that way), the moments seem more genuine when things happen naturally.

With breakups and heartbreaks, I wouldn’t know myself if there is a cure to a broken heart, but with my experience at least, I find that time really heals all things. Keeping yourself mentally and physically busy, spending time with friends and meeting new people helps a hell of a lot.

I find that with moving on from breakups, for me at least, the cooler head usually prevails in most situations, and the relationship becomes healthier on both sides, in the long run. If the breakup is mutual, you guys could try to work on a different type of relationship because you might discover that the relationship wasn't all bad, you shared great memories together too.

Now that I've been single for a while now and looking back, the silver lining is that it made me pursue more endeavors and interests. I realized that I have so much more to improve in my life and it definitely made me more outgoing and just keen on life in general.

At times of course, being single can get lonely, but I have a great group of friends who I bond with almost daily, so I try not to let the “loneliness” get to me and affect my mindset and priorities.

There are some benefits to being single too. I like being able to manage my own schedule without worrying about a partner, and it is definitely cheaper if you’re single here on Boracay. Being single on the island can be super fun and at times it can get weird, but I think that’s anywhere in the world. It’s just a bit more dynamic than the usual, being a “Party Island”.

There's a bunch of places to meet other people on the island. From the top of my head, I would recommend checking out Exit Bar and Epic Boracay on White Beach, Hangin Kite Center & Resort and Levantin on Bulabog Beach, and the new DiniBeach Bar along Diniwid Beach. There are other places too, just stroll along White Beach and there’s bound to be something up your alley.

For the most part since I’ve been single, when it comes to “love & companionship,” at this stage of my life it’s been mostly just casual encounters.

I am not a believer in the many preconceived notions on love such as “love at first sight.” For me, personality goes a long way! But don’t get me wrong, a super attractive partner is also fun!

It’s an island people, sometimes you just gotta enjoy what it comes with!

If someone would ask me what I am looking for in a partner, I’d have to say, someone who I vibe with naturally. Someone laidback, fun-loving, and of course, someone goal-oriented.

Living on Boracay and being single has changed some of my outlook and standards, just because of the dynamic of the Island itself. I had to adjust and go with the flow.

My message to the single guys out there, living on Boracay or on an island, is to keep at your pace, goals and ventures, but still try to have yourself a good time. Just keep on creating great memories and meeting new people, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll meet someone you find interesting, someone you’re vibing with, and you guys end up having a great time!


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