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Animal Rescue

Another Notable Achievement From Boracay's Local Community

Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (AARRC) volunteers rose to the challenge again this month, transferring several rescued cats and dogs from Boracay Island to the charitable organisation's main facility in Linabuan Sur, Kalibo. The animals, including a six week old puppy with a severe case of mange mites, and two malnourished cats discovered on a building site, were transported by van to the shelter, where they will be treated by a veterinarian, and once they are healthy enough, be put up for adoption.

A further five cats were sterilized as part of the trap, neuter and release (TNR) scheme, thanks to the kindness and cooperation of municipal veterinarian Dr Deyven Oriondo.

While there is never a shortage of stray and neglected animals here on the island, the situation has been greatly exacerbated by COVID-19 lockdowns, travel restrictions and the resulting job losses and financial hardships endured by Boracay's resident population, over the last 20 months.

With most local families relying almost entirely on the tourist industry for survival - and many living literally hand-to-mouth - the sudden loss of income has often left little or nothing to spare in terms of feeding and caring for pets, and the dire situation also compelled many others to escape the island in search of employment opportunities elsewhere - leaving their animals behind.

Founded by Dutch national Michel van der Kleij in 2005, AARRC is a registered charity dedicated to promoting the responsible ownership and humane treatment of all animals, through cooperation, outreach and education, while advocating the development of humane and effective animal welfare laws.

The organisation's 4000 square meter purpose-built sanctuary at Linabuan Sur, near Kalibo, now houses over 200 rescued cats and dogs in spacious indoor/outdoor enclosures, and new arrivals to the facility receive immediate veterinary care - are spayed or neutered, and are treated for injuries or ailments.

AARRC's team of island-based volunteers are frequently called upon to assist with rescuing and fostering abused, abandoned or neglected animals, treating them for conditions such as mange mites, and whenever possible, placing then for adoption in suitable, permanent homes.

Sponsorship has also enabled AARRC'S volunteers to maintain a regular feeding program for many of Boracay's forgotten and vulnerable four-legged residents, and a free spay and neuter mission is planned for the island next year, with a view to reducing the stray animal population while assisting local pet owners whose budget may not stretch to veterinary care.

What You Can Do To Help

If you'd like to assist AARRC and their team of volunteers with rescuing, stray feeding or fostering young and adult dogs and cats, or to simply donate to the cause, please contact or visit their website site at or Facebook page: Animal Rescue Boracay by AARRC.


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