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Beach Nudity? How far do we draw the floss like line?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Artwork by Sigmund Torre

Last October 10, a Taiwanese tourist was fined P2,500 for what police officials described as “literally a string” on Boracay’s White Beach. As photos went viral on social media, with mixed reactions from Netizens, the Boracay Inter-Agency Rehabilitation Management Group (BIARMG) caught on alerted Boracay police.

As authorities could not find an ordinance prohibiting the wearing of very skimpy swimsuits, the tourist was given a citation ticket and meted the fine based on a provision of an ordinance prohibiting the taking and display of “lewd” photographs.

Days later, according to a news report, “Nudity and wearing “extremely skimpy” swimsuits in public areas may soon be prohibited on Boracay Island. The municipal council of Malay in Aklan province, where the world famous Boracay beaches are located, is mulling over an amendment to municipal ordinances to include a ban on public nudity.

According to Natividad Bernardino, general manager of the BIARMG, they support the passing of an ordinance on nudity and extremely skimpy attire. “We want Boracay to be a family-oriented tourist destination. This is also why we stopped beach parties,” she said.


But an expatriate, who has been living on the island for decades, said passing such ordinance was “ridiculous,” adding that the town council should focus on many other “outdated ordinances on urgent concerns.” “This was an isolated incident. They want to be holier than the Pope. It’s best we declare Boracay a monastery so they can ban tight shorts and skimpy bikinis,” said the expatriate, who asked not to be identified to avoid antagonizing local officials. (NBS)

What’s your take on beach nudity?

Join the conversation and send us your thoughts by writing to us at

We will publish your answers in next issue’s “Dear Boracay Sun” section.


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