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ECQ Thoughts from a Regular Guy

By Wee Calapatia

The beach is so nice without people. It’s such a shame, we can’t jump in the water. We can fish for shrimp at night though, it is allowed. Fishing for shrimp really isn’t the right term, because you just catch ‘em with your bare hands near the shore. So, I guess catching shrimp is what you call it. Wash ‘em then fry ‘em in garlic and butter afterwards. Yummy.

Cabana fever is real. I must’ve seen 50+ movies online since this ECQ started. Around 20 percent of them I’ve seen before, so that’s just a stat. A useless one, but a stat nonetheless. You get a lot of thoughts with all this time that we have. Don’t overthink things, it’s a waste of time, even if you have lots of time. Follow their instructions of staying indoors as much as possible. Even if it means getting bored, with silly thoughts and gaining weight.

I miss the people coming on vacation. Well, really not so much. Just like society in general, for me guests have a ratio of maybe 80 percent that are nice and pleasant, and 20 percent, not so much. There goes my stats again. It probably has some kind of meaning to my life, that 20 percent, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. What I do miss is my regular life, which entails dealing with people who come on vacation.

I should really stock up on vitamins, but then I saw this guy at Watson’s buying more than he should have, and I don’t want to be that guy. A vitamin-hoarder kind of guy. One thing’s for sure, there are absolutely no more sanitizers nor alcohol anywhere, but there is toilet paper if you really look around. So for me, that myth isn’t true. People here are more disciplined than in the city. After saying that, I see people drinking while there’s an alcohol ban, people ignoring social distancing etiquette, and a stabbing incident happened too. So not really, just a little bit I guess. That still is something.

Some days, I do go around the beachfront with my camera. The guys guarding the area will allow you. I don’t really go too far, just as far as they will let me. I carry a sanitizer with me and also wear a face mask. Man, It’s really hard to breath under that face mask, especially under the sun, while walking on sand. I don’t wear it because they say you need to, to be able to go around. I wear it because I’m terrified of this virus. One mistake and that’s it. I also spray alcohol on my hands about 20 times a day, more than that if I walk around. In the middle of the night I wake up sometimes, and I spray alcohol. I’d drink it if they say that will help. Better safe than sorry. I’m paranoid as ever.

My photos and videos of the island are the best they’ve ever been. I guess it is true, that Planet Earth is healing, so there are positives to this thing. I hear more birds chirping, they’re all probably wondering where the people are. In one of my strolls, a guy I met in Diniwid gave me an elbow bump after a nice chat. Is an “elbow bump” a thing now? This virus is changing society as we know it, some in good ways, some in bad, and some in funny ways.

Well, April 30 is almost here. Let’s get back to normal. Actually, let’s not. Let’s not rush things. Who knows what the new norm will be? I’m sure it won’t be the same as the old one. Maybe that’s a good thing. It probably is. Or is it? I have no idea. Oh well, let it be. Thy will be done.

And did I say the beach is so nice without people, and it’s a shame we can’t jump in?

P.S. Keep safe everyone. Let’s all do our part. Look at the glass as half full. Keep the faith. Pray everyday 😉


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