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Head In The Sand: Great Leader Choice?

Dog relaxing and partially buried in the sand

A recent poll presented on AP news showed that 67% of USA voters do not believe that Joe Biden has the mental capability to be President of the United States. The same poll  indicates that 57% of US voters do not believe that Donald Trump has the mental capability to be the same. That means that more than half the voters in the US believe they have a choice between two people who do not have the mental capability to do the job. That is quite the commentary on the two parties in the US and on the US political system. It is also noteworthy that the poll also did not mention some of the other candidates like Robert Kennedy and Cornell West. So not only does the poll indicate serious issues with the US political system, it is quite the commentary on the AP for now mentioning the other candidates. The US political system seems to be about as useful as a kickstand on a tank or screen doors on a submarine.   This should be a wakeup call to the US electorate that the system is no longer functioning and is on the verge of rather dramatic collapse. When we look at the US supported genocide and the provocation of war with Russia and most likely in the near future China, it would seem that more than most people on the planet the US voters are in denial and choose to put their heads in the sand. Unfortunately this is to the detriment of the world and can hardly be expected to have a good outcome. It’s so sad to watch what are clearly several slow motion train wrecks happening at the same time.   

What That Icy Cold Beer RepresentsRecently I sat down for a meal and a sunset at Via Carmella just south of Station 3 on front beach. As is my tradition I ordered a San Miguel Pilsen and waited what would be considered a relatively short time. As I was handed my beer, I quickly became aware that my experience that afternoon was suddenly enhanced. As I put the bottle to my lips and felt the Icy cold luxury roll over my tongue and down my throat, a feeling of low level ecstasy rolled over me as I looked towards the turquois water and golden setting sun. It made me think. 

Many of us who live in Boracay and many who visit here have a predilection, like me, for that golden brew that represents relaxation, camaraderie and fun. It isn’t just here in our little paradise, this ancient drink that is well represented historically, can be found in the 4 corners of the world. Beyond the historical and socially entertaining aspects of this more than ancient drink, it is also a communication vehicle for us in the Island. It might be hard to believe that a bottle of San Miguel Pilsen could have qualities that are similar to a cell phone, however, there might be something to this. I would like to explore it for a minute.  The connoisseurs among us, especially those that have spent more than a few years in the tropics, generally like to have the beer at a temperature that is close to 0 degrees Celsius. And yes, I am aware that this is the freezing temperature of water which is the main ingredient in beer. But it’s not like we want a beersicle or beer ice cube. No, beer does not freeze at the same temperature as water. Due to alcoholic factors and other ingredients, beer freezes at -2 degrees Celsius. And, if you are of the same mindset as me, you know that there is a range just above that -2 degree mark that makes the drinking of beer take on almost religious qualities. When it hits your tongue in this range of -2 to 0 degrees it is not just the taste but it becomes  a multi-sensual experience. At this temperature all is well with the world. A connoisseur gets an immediate feeling of well-being and satisfaction. As the temperature increases above this range the level of satisfaction becomes inversely proportional to the number of degrees above the 0 degree mark. That is not to say that the beer drinking experience is not pleasant. And, I should mention, it can be mitigated with a number of factors, of which, the present company you are keeping does well stand out. However that -2 to 0 degree temperature range makes you feel all is right with the world. But how does that relate to the qualities that are shared by a beer and an I-phone? 

Keeping beer for yourself and your guests and/or customer in this temperature range is not an easy feat. Deviation below the freezing point will highly diminish the taste, texture and overall beer drinking experience. Frozen beer just doesn’t cut it in any regard. So without a requisite amount of diligence, you can well take your customers' experience from ecstasy to quasi agony. Conversely, lack of attention to the elevation of the temperature of the amber liquid will provide a classic level of disappointment when it hits the lips and rolls over the tongue. This means, to any customer/guest oriented household or commercial establishment, hitting that optimum beer temperature range indicates a level of attention to detail and moreover a commitment to customer satisfaction that many of my fellow beer connoisseurs  immediately recognize. When the institution that delivers our well anticipated beverage and feels it in hand, lips, and esophagus, we know, we have arrived in a place that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. That institution we have chosen to frequent sends us a quasi-text that says, “Yeah, we go out  of our way to make you feel special and happy to beer here Boracay!” (pun intended)The takeaway on all of this pilson or lager musing is that we can easily determine the level of commitment to customer satisfaction by the simple task of ordering a beer in the commercial establishments we may frequent. Are they really happy we are there? Do they really want us to come back? Are they looking to grow their reputation among the vast clientele of locals and tourists here on our island? Well, just order a beer, it speaks volumes not unlike your Android phone. 


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