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Nang Vangie … Eco Warrior … Sana All

By Mark Cabrera

At a time when local stores are still using plastic bags, I stumbled upon Manang (Nang for short) Vangie at a checkout counter of a sari-sari store in Bantud.

I was buying milk and bread while Nang Vangie was buying grocery items. We both refused the plastic bags that the vendor was about to use to pack our purchased items. I was just going to carry my items on my bike. However, Nang Vangie had a simple green eco-bag with her.

When I applauded her for her eco-bag, she simply replied “Kailangan natin makisama.” (We need to cooperate.)

Yes! We all need to do our part in saving Mother Earth.

Nang Vangie’s simple gesture of bringing an eco-bag with her makes a big positive impact on our environment. Between the two of us, that’s about 10 less single-use plastic bags in the landfill, forest, river or ocean.

Imagine if more people were like Nang Vangie… SANA ALL!


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