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Quarantine diaries: May 20

By Anita Jacobs Sanchez

After nine weeks of quarantine, which I know is causing many as much frustration and problems as the virus is probably doing damage, I’ve managed to keep busy and remain pretty much on top of everything.

I work a lot from home doing business online, still only go out once a week for my main shop, only have an occasional glass of wine (I had no problem with the liquor ban that was so vocally protested by many) and still spend three or four hours each day on my lovely balcony.

The only thing I miss is not being able to walk along Boracay’s beautiful beach and take the daily plunge into the sea. I can’t see the reasoning behind that restriction, but I’m sure there must be one, otherwise it wouldn't have been implemented.

Working from home as I do, means that I also have to rely quite a lot on others regularly communicating with me. I have deadlines to keep, and need my other online coworkers to keep to theirs. But I have noticed that although many people now have a lot more time to spare, a lot of them have become a bit lazy. The sense of urgency seems to have disappeared. Several times over the last month I’ve been let down by others who would normally submit work to me on or before deadlines. Now I’m having to chase everyone and remind them what needs doing.

But I have my patience and understanding stillI in tact. I think it might be that some people are worried and overthinking situations causing them to worry about problems that are not yet there.

I have my faith and say a little morning prayer that helps me keep abreast of what’s happening in our daily lives.

I’m lucky, and believe health and good times will return to the world and it’s inhabitants.

Stay safe. And sane.


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