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Quarantine diaries, May 28

After almost 3 months of lockdowns I’m now looking forward to the government relaxing the quarantine restrictions.

My small family - myself, my husband and two children have all been following the quarantine guidelines and are happy that Boracay have not had any virus positive cases.

It’s been very hard for us, especially our kids. Looking out of the windows everyday and not being able to go out and enjoy this summer seems to have made them a bit introverted and quiet.

My husband and myself often discuss and wonder what they are really thinking. We so much want them to go back to school as we are very concerned about their social development and wellbeing.

The LGU have done their best with limited resources to provide for some families, and the Red Cross has been very good again. So have lots of charitable people and organizations by giving families food parcels.

My husband hasn't been able to work and I lost my job as well. We never received any government help but managed to  get by with our little savings we had for the kids future schooling. But at least we managed to have food on the table everyday. I know lots of people around us are much worse off.

I think this virus is nearly over now and I see more things are open again. I pray now that out kids can have their lives again and my husband can go back to work. I will try to find a new job as well doing whatever I can to help us all get over this.

God Bless



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