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Quarantine Diaries: May 9

The time spent at home in quarantine has taught me something I lacked before; understanding others job efforts.

I wouldn't class myself as arrogant, or inconsiderate, but I’ve always been aware of my not having much patience. If I asked for something to be done, and it was late, or wasn't done correctly, I would always say “I’ll do it properly myself.”

But being quarantined at home made me more aware of how difficult it can be to get things exactly the way you would like them.

Being restricted in what we could buy when we went out, and not always being able to go elsewhere to get things, made me realise that we need to improvise sometimes.

I had to do with things that we wouldn't normally choose. But, we made the very most of them. I couldn't always buy my first choice of food products, or favourite brands. But the alternatives we purchased were made the most of and enjoyed.

I really opened my eyes to just how hard most shop employees have to work. I began to think that many of them had to spend hours in just getting to work. What previously seamed like menial jobs or tasks, I now realise are actually quite important, and not as easy to do as I previously thought.

So, as the old adage goes “every cloud has a silver lining”. The next time something goes wrong, or is not to my liking; instead of my previously used curt reply, I’m going to try saying “let me help you with that.”

Two months of life in quarantine has taught me something that 32 years of life failed to do.


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