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Road hazards report

By Pauline Evora

While Aklan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AKELCO) and the different internet providers should be applauded for the amazing and relentless work they performed to restore electricity after typhoon Ursula, there are still some issues regarding the condition of the wiring in different areas that needs to be addressed.

Bantud Rotunda (January 28, 2020)

Many wires are hanging too low along the road, posing a danger for motorbike and bicycle riders. One can often see trucks slowing down while trying not to pull or drag the entire bundle of wires down. At night, the danger amplifies as the wires are barely visible and take drivers by surprise.

Many residents also ask why parts of the road are left undone in the middle of finished portions. As the road work is progressing, it’s noticeable that many sections are punctured with holes, then left untouched for weeks. The hazard becomes even more so during rainy days as drivers can’t see holes when it’s flooded.

Part of the problem is also a lack of communication with residents living around the affected areas. Some streets get blocked without warning leaving people having to find another route, while other parts are left undone without notice, often causing a dangerous detour. For instance, the road being built along Bulabog Beach going up towards Mount Luho where trikes and motorbikes have to drive on loose pebbles without proper visibility, is particularly dangerous.

New Bulabog Beach road at the foot of Mount Luho (February 1, 2020)


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