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RONIN EMS and Top Boracay Hotels Join Forces for Safe Holy Week Getaways Beautiful Boracay Island

As the balmy breezes of March herald the onset of Holy Week, Boracay Island beckons travelers from far and wide to its sun-kissed shores. This year, amidst the wave of guests seeking respite and reflection, a groundbreaking partnership has emerged to ensure their safety and well-being during this sacred time. 

Ronin EMS, renowned for its expertise in emergency medical services, has collaborated with several prominent chain hotels on Boracay Island to manage the influx of visitors and provide proactive care. 

From March 25 to March 31, 2024, guests at Mandarin Bay Resort and Hotel, Mandarin White Sands, Astoria Current, and Astoria Boracay had the privilege of experiencing Ronin EMS's dedicated attention firsthand. This innovative collaboration underscores a shared commitment to guest safety and comfort, setting a new standard for hospitality in Boracay. With 288 hotel guests and visitors benefiting from the highly trained Ronin EMS Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), the partnership proved invaluable in addressing a range of mild medical incidents that occurred during the bustling Holy Week period. Among the incidents attended to by Ronin EMS EMTs were allergies, hypertension episodes, and ATVrelated accidents resulting in blisters and swollen knees. The swift response and expert care provided by Ronin EMS not only ensured the well-being of those affected but also offered peace of mind to all guests, allowing them to fully enjoy their vacation experience. Cristian Enciso, Operations Director of Ronin EMS, emphasizes the importance of proactive medical support in ensuring guest safety. "Our collaboration with these esteemed hotels exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive care for all guests, regardless of the nature of their medical needs," he said. "By working closely with hotel staff and management, we can anticipate and address potential issues swiftly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone." The partnership between Ronin EMS and Boracay's top hotels extends beyond emergency response to encompass proactive measures aimed not only at enhancing guest safety but also accommodating basic check up with many of their staff and employees, every effort is made to create a secure environment conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. Aldren Labuyo , Security Manager of Mandarin Bay hotel chains, commends Ronin EMS for their professionalism and dedication. "The peace of mind provided by having Ronin EMS on-site during Holy Week was invaluable," he said. "Their presence not only reassured our guests but also enhanced the overall guest experience, contributing to a memorable and worry-free vacation." 

Many of Ronin EMS’ interactions and rendered services were published on their official Facebook page

( They are now more ready to make the same worry-free

care available to other hotels, residential villages and commercial establishments within the island.

Incidentally, Ronin EMS just recently celebrated the grand launch of their Iloilo City chapter last April 11, 2024.

As the sun sets on another Holy Week in Boracay, the partnership between Ronin EMS and the island's top hotels stands as a shining example of collaboration and commitment to guest safety. In a world where travel experiences are increasingly shaped by the quality of care and attention provided, must-have initiative sets a new standard for destination management, ensuring that Boracay remains a haven of serenity and security for years to come.

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