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Some of life’s little pleasures…

After a long day preparing things for Christmas and doing some last minute shopping, we ended up in d*mall and decided to look around for somewhere to have dinner. One is spoilt for choice here because there are so many good restaurants.

We fancied something a little different, and CYMA, being known as an authentic Greek restaurant, boasts quite a good menu. Discerning diners may already be familiar with Cyma, as there are branches located in Greenbelt Mall, Makati, and Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. The warm and inviting ambience of this restaurant goes hand in hand with the cuisine; a fusion of both traditional and modern Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

I chose the famous Greek national dish, Moussaka. Once served up it certainly looked ok, but unfortunately I was quite disappointed. Apart from being cold, there was very little taste to the Moussaka that I was expecting. Bland I believe is the word I’m looking for. Plus the presentation left a little bit to be desired - some garnish of sorts would help. However, these things happen sometimes when you regularly dine out.

Maybe it was just a bad choice on my behalf, as my wife said her Lamb Ragout on tagliatelle was good. Plus the restaurant was quite busy and everyone appeared happy enough and were finishing their meals. Other diners were sampling the spinach and artichoke fondue, homemade gyros, pastisado (Greek osso bucco) and kalamarakia (crispy baby squid).

There is also a selection of mezedes (appetizers) pastas and salads, as well as seafood, lamb chops and rib-eye steaks, with a good choice of wines available.

I guess that having spent quite a lot of time in Greece, maybe I was expecting too much by hoping it would taste as good as I am used to.

However, constructive comments like the above often help to improve things, so we’ll go back again after the holidays to give it another shot, as having eaten here before, we know they normally do much better.

A glass of red wine saved the day though, and so did the second one… "OPA!"

Life’s good…

Location: D'Mall, Station 2.

Tel: (036) 288 4283


Facebook: Cyma Greek Taverna, Boracay Island, Philippines


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