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Some of Life’s Little Pleasures…

By: Victor Jeffery

What you treat your wife to on her birthday is oftentimes a problem, especially when you’ve been married for many years.

I must admit - I struggle, not because she’s a difficult person to please (quite the opposite), but because over the years, I guess it becomes harder to find or think of new things.

Several days before her birthday, a friend recommended a luxurious spa treatment. Yeah - we’d already done that before. But she was persistent because she said the spa she was recommending was extra special.

Enter Helios Spa

Set in tranquil surroundings of a beautiful tropical garden, this spa is one of many on Boracay, but stands out due to it resembling a luxury resort more than just another spa. The garden has a large swimming pool and beautiful dining and rest areas.

There are 14 superbly fitted private massage rooms, each being a haven for couples searching for a dream spa experience.

For guests convenience, Helios Spa has a private van pick up at Budget Mart at d*mall, and within five minutes you’re dropped off into a different world - one of super luxury.

Being greeted by spa owner Elly is another experience. This bubbly and bright lady is a wealth of knowledge as she talks you through the experiences to be had within the next three and a half hours - yes that’s right - a whopping three and a half delightful hours.

A very thoughtful and lovely extra for us was that she knew it was my wife’s birthday, and very kindly presented her with a birthday cake. This is the extra special attention that you can expect at this wonderful spa - they care about you..

The treatment, in a huge luxurious room begins with a five minute foot bath, followed by a delightful and soothing honey body scrub. The sensation off being covered from head to toe in honey takes you to different heights.

As does the following bathing it away in a scented rose petal jacuzzi. Lounging in a jacuzzi with a glass of red wine and some cheese is just … well, what can one say…

A lazy shower washes away the rose petals and a superb hot stone massage completed one of the best massage sessions we have ever experienced.

Thanks not only to Elly, but also to all the lovely well trained staff at this tropical paradise heaven on earth spa.


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