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The Future

By Joe Riley

Do we face increased job insecurity, there are fears Covid-19 has undone decades of advancement? But could the pandemic be a catalyst for progress on this island?

The Covid-19 pandemic is far more than a health crisis: it is affecting societies and economies at their core.

The long arm of Covid-19 outbreak, a virus that has not affected anyone on this island from a health or physical point of view. However, it has and continues to affect all segments of this small community. The effects of this virus are detrimental to members of those social groups in the most vulnerable situations. The financial burden continues to affect islanders. The financial heart of the island “tourism“ has been decimated over the past two years like no other island in the Philippines, the island has suffered a compulsory closure 18 months ago, on Christmas day 2019 a typhoon that crippled the island for two months, a closure created by the weather and finally our latest destruction a global virus that has this planet reeling from the effects on all walks of life

This island requires an assessment on the future impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on societies, economies, and vulnerable groups. That assessment is fundamental to the future development and prosperity of a once thriving community. This community need to be informed and a tailored response by the authorities governing this island with a structured plan to recover from the crisis and ensure that no one is left behind in this effort.

Without urgent socio-economic responses, suffering will escalate, jeopardizing lives and livelihoods for years to come. Immediate development responses in this crisis must be undertaken with an eye to the future. Development trajectories in the long-term will be affected by the choice’s authorities make now and the support they receive from government.

We can point out the trend of this virus and the negatives, the real question is what can you, us and I, do to help put our island back on track. One of the most valuable assets that this community has is its ability to overcome tragedy after tragedy. But the ability to keep smiling though all this devastation is something to be admired. Here is my suggestion for the future and it costs nothing to do, let’s call this the Friendly Island, the peaceful Island, the Island that makes strangers to our island more than welcome.

I alone cannot change society for the better. But I can radically transform my own consciousness, overturning the conditioning that limits my potential We can all do this, you can do this, one by one. Eventually we can change ourselves to the degree that society and the island changes from the inside out. Giving birth to a new way of being. Manifesting our birthright to live in a peaceful and abundant world. Have no fear. Trust yourself. Live your full potential. And the world and this island will be a better place.

So what can we do? How about trikes with smiley faces, maybe smiley badges, I am sure that you have ideas that would make our tourists happier and feel more welcome, we can take a little step to make this island a success once more and the lives of this community a little easier for everyone.


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