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Unique people do unique things

One of the many good things about our wonderful little Island is its people and community. The old adage that “people make a place” certainly rings true when you look at what makes Boracay such a special location to both visit and to live.

Unique people do unique things. One such person is Saude Yanoc.

Born in IloIlo City in November 1978, Saude loved traveling and his adventurous nature took him on many treks to mountain villages (he said, “I love to get lost”) and island hopping on bancas.

One such trip in 1996 found him landing on the shores of Island Gigantes (Island of Giants), which is north east of Panay. Trekking up a mountain path he came across a tribal village. His recollection of “being adopted” by village members is one of fascination, and he retains a great deal of affection for his “family members”.

He was mesmerized by the many mythical tales he was told; taking him into old caves and showing the young Saude old artifacts and tribal drawings are memories that he cherishes.

He clearly remembers the Elephant Cave where the rock formations resemble the features of a large elephant. And the Organ Cave where the stalagmites over the years have grown to form what looks like a gigantic organ. Folklore from the villagers say that you can sometimes hear organ music inside this wonderful old cave.

During Saude’s school days, he learned how to use native materials like vines to weave baskets and to decorate things with crystals and stones. It was at the same time that he discovered the importance and meanings behind crystals and talismen.

But it was those times in the tribal village that taught Saude his passion for crafting beautiful necklaces and jewelry items from his much loved stones and crystals. Tribal Art became Saude’s life - his true passion.

And with passion comes love.

Twenty one years ago he arrived on Boracay and fell in love with the Island. He set up business on the beach selling his wares, and promptly invited a college female friend over to help him. Again he fell in love, and they married.

Although his wife is an accountant graduate, Saude proudly admits that she is equally as artistic and talented as himself (“More-so”) he said. After many experiments she has now developed a wonderful talent of sand art in glass items, along with many others.

These are two wonderful people who truly share a passion and talent for their chosen profession, and they are an important part of our Boracay Community.

“With our art, we try to touch people’s lives and hearts so they remember the Island”

– Saude

Whether you’re fortunate enough to live on this magical little island, or simply visiting us, be sure to look out for Saude’s little shop along White Beach next to Nigi Nigi’s beach bar at Station 2.


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