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Vigilance At A Time Of COVID-19

Updated: Apr 15, 2020


With COVID-19, life as we know it has completely changed. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a worldwide pandemic, underscoring the pathogen’s inexorable spread across the globe as new cases and deaths rise, in a sobering admission that regional efforts to contain the outbreak have been lost. We have reached another tipping point as a species, with no end in sight. Having lasted this long (and experts say this is just the beginning), this poses as a real game changer – or game ender. It is no joking matter and instills the fear of God into us all. Now an existential threat of biblical proportions lockdowns imposed in all parts of the globe (the Vatican City itself is on lockdown), the coronavirus has brought the world to its knees, powerless to this invisible force of nature that must be taken seriously as a matter of life and death. With an alarming rise in the number of cases and deaths on a daily basis, the situation now calls for the imposition of Draconian measures for the preservation of life and serves as a wakeup call to practice 100% vigilance, discipline and cooperation. The Philippines is under a state of public health emergency Code Red Sublevel 2 - the highest level imposed by the WHO. President Duterte placed the entire region of Luzon under “enhanced community quarantine” effective from March 17 until April 12 to restrict movement and contain the spread of the coronavirus. Land, domestic air, and domestic sea travel to and from Metro Manila is suspended until April 14. PRRD appealed to the private sector to practice “bayanihan” especially on the barangay level, and for the business sector to assist workers and small businesses. PRRD’s March 12 visit to Boracay was postponed light of the recent COVID-19 developments in the country. Executive Order No. 19-A, Series of 2020 is in effect in the province of Aklan “restricting the movement of people and regulating the entry of goods as well as mandating social distancing measures for the management of the COVID-19 situation.” Executive Order No. 013 “orders the strict implementation of mandatory 14-day quarantine to all persons entering the municipality who are coming from Metro Manila or other areas affected by the COVID-19.” It takes a village As Boracay businesses face another round of “closure,” it is with heavy hearts that we are left with no choice but to relive the painful island closure by making heartbreaking sacrifices such as closing shop, temporarily letting go of staff and other crisis management solutions. Unlike the 6-month closure, we have no idea how long this dreadful crisis will last. So far, we are still blessed that the severity of the problem has not gone beyond economics. We can only survive this calmly. Lucky for us, we are surrounded by nature which makes breathing out the anxiety much easier. Let’s also try to support each other by ordering food delivery (rather than stocking up on canned goods) to keep businesses afloat. To survive this without going crazy, take it one day at a time, celebrating the preciousness of life with your loved ones, pets included. Take this time to learn something you’ve never had time for, like meditation, and do fun things at home like cooking together. We will continue to keep the community informed with news, announcements and promotions to support the local economy during this trying time on our Facebook page and on our website Last but not least, THANK YOU to the courageous heroes in the frontlines of the struggle, from medical personnel, caregivers, cleaning custodians, the security forces and volunteers. Let us keep them in our daily prayers. We join the Holy Father Pope Francis who expressed his heartfelt gratitude: “Right now, I would like to speak directly to all those ill with the coronavirus, who are suffering from this sickness, and to the many people suffering uncertainty related to their own illnesses. I offer my heartfelt thanks to hospital personnel, doctors, nurses, and volunteers who in this difficult moment are close to people who are suffering.” This too shall pass and a new day will dawn. Keep the faith, breathe, and don’t panic. Hopefully the big lesson is learned that instead of investing on war, the world focuses its resources on strengthening global health systems and epidemic preparedness. Peace and good vibes, Freida Dario Santiago Editor-In-Chief



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