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Three foreigners and ten locals face criminal charges

By PCMS Christopher D Mendoza, PCR PNCO

Last January, there were three foreigners arrested for different crimes on Boracay.

A 26-year-old Australian male and 26-year-old British female were arrested and charged for the crime of Grave Scandal. They were caught in the act of sexual relations on Bolabog Beach during the late afternoon of January 30. Another case of Resistance and Disobedience was filed against the Australian for resisting the arresting officer.

A British male was charged for violations of R.A. 9262 (Anti – Violence Against Women and their Children).

For locals, a mother and daughter were arrested for violating R.A. 9165 (The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002) in the early morning of January 12, 2020 which is the highlight of 2020 Boracay Ati-atihan Festival.

Two wanted persons were also arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest for the crime of Qualified Trespass to Dwellings, and for the crime of rape.

For other crimes, formal charges were filed against two persons for the crimes of Alarm and Scandal and Threat; one for Direct Assault Upon Agent of Person in Authority; one for Physical Injury and Damage to Property; one for Resistance and Disobedience upon Agent of Person in Authority; and one for the crime of murder.

Seventeen other persons who committed different crimes were arrested, but were released after the complainant filed an affidavit of non-interest to file a case.

All these accomplishments were made due to the cooperation of the community with the Malay Municipal Police Station.


Crime Prevention Tips

The summer vacation period is fast approaching. Everybody is thrilled and planning on how and where to spend their summer. Some tourists, both local and foreign, are excited to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun, the powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear waters here on Boracay Island.

An influx of tourists coming from different parts of globe is expected. Remember, with the increased volume of people, there comes more opportunities for crime.

For those who are planning to spend their holidays on Boracay, here’s a few crime prevention tips which will serve as your guide to keep you safe and secure during your stay.


B - be vigilant. Be vigilant of your surroundings.

O - obtain the emergency/hotline numbers. Hotels/resorts and other business establishments here on the island have a list of emergency/hotline numbers of Malay PNP, Philippine Red Cross, BFRAV, MDRRMO, and others.

R - report any suspicious person or activity to the police. The Malay Police is open 24/7, and is located in between the boundaries of Boat Stations 2 and 3, next to Doz Mestizos Restaurant. The Duty Desk Officer is always ready to serve you, and to entertain your complaint or report. You will be accompanied by the Duty Investigator to conduct validation and a thorough investigation of your report. For foreign tourists, you are required to bring your passport with you when you report or file your complaint at the police station. For locals, please bring any identification cards.

C - carry your valuables securely and never leave them unattended. Just bring enough cash that you will need for a day or for the night. Double check your windows and lock of your doors before you leave and before you sleep. Deposit your valuables in your hotel safety deposit box. When in a restaurant or bar, place your bag in your front and not on your side or back. When out clubbing or swimming, just leave your valuables in your hotel room safe.

A - assistance. Call the police, simply dial 166 or 0998 598 6122. Do not hesitate to approach or call the police for assistance. Malay Police have established thirteen Police Assistance Desks (PADs) along the front beach, and three Police Community Precincts (PCPs) in Barangay Yapak, Manocmanoc and Balabag in Boracay Island; in Brgy Caticlan and Poblacion in Mainland Malay.

Y - your safety and security is our primary concern. Your report or complaint is always taken seriously. Malay Police are committed to deliver the best services toward peace and orderliness on the Island of Boracay and Mainland Malay.



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